Erzsébet Voucher – motivate your employees

The Erzsébet Voucher is more than a simple in-kind benefit. It helps you motivate your employees, inspire your subcontractors and suppliers, and it can also be used for prize draws.

Nowadays, a number of different methods have been adopted by most enterprises in order to retain their employees. A well-designed incentive system is a key factor in ensuring the long-term commitment of workers, and the positive effects are observable immediately after it is introduced.

Motivated employees means

  • effective work organisation
  • well-balanced, programmable production
  • improvement in performance
  • a reliable and stable staff

By using a system of incentives, you may

  • reduce absenteeism
  • build a strong employer brand
  • increase the loyalty of workers
  • retain your key employees
  • improve your company’s reputation among your employees
  • increase your market share

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Inspire your colleagues

  • attendance bonus
  • recommendation/recruitment system
  • participation in projects
  • jubilee/exceptionally long service
  • suggestion box prizes
  • retirement
  • International Women’s Day
  • marriage, childbirth
  • health-conscious staff
  • days free of work accidents
  • retention of key employees
  • rewarding fuel saving
  • excellent condition of vehicle fleet
  • mentoring programme

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Erzsébet Voucher offers the perfect solution for motivating your employees.

  • As a benefit falling into the category of “certain specific benefits”, it can be given to employees or partners with no limitations at a tax rate of 40.71%;
  • A tried and tested form of ‘non-salary’ benefits that results in different shopping habits.
  • 29% more benefit may be granted in the form of Erzsébet Voucher, than by salary.
  • This higher benefit value has greater motivating power.
  • As an optional form of benefits, it may be tailored to individual needs, thus delivering customised solutions.
  • It is accepted nationwide, by a network of contracted partners.

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Inspire your subcontractors and suppliers

  • reward your sales staff 
    employed on a points system
  • use the vouchers in prize
    competitions or gift draws, 
    or for promotional purposes
  • acknowledge your loyal customers
  • inspire your customers
  • strengthen your relations with 
    your subcontractors and suppliers

Why employees prefer Erzsébet Vouchers:

  • It is separate from the salary, so it is actually perceived as an extra benefit.
  • Its benefit value is higher than the same nominal amount paid as salary.
  • Due to various promotions and sales by the contracted partners, a voucher’s actual value may exceed its nominal value.
  • We run regular prize draws for voucher users.

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